Hotel B55, booking with free cancellation in Paris

March 25th, 2019

You are looking for an hotel in Paris, but you want to play safe ? Hotel B55 offers a free cancellation policy that can be cancelled and refunded up to 24 hours before the arrival date.

Your reservation with free cancellation

Contemporary decor centred around the professions of the vine and the love of wine, its somewhat mysterious alchemy, spa, indoor swimming pool, luxurious rooms, the B55 hotel and its 4 stars open onto the heart of Paris and beats in unison with the capital.
But our guests will tell you: here, our richness is the calm. Curious isn’t it? La butte au Caille, the Montsouris park assures our visitors unforgettable bucolic walks. Barely further on, the capital’s must-see monuments are just waiting for you.
Of course, these are not our only assets… Our unequalled comfort, the incomparable service of our staff, the quality of the dishes served for breakfast are also noble cards in our game.
Not forgetting, for the amateurs, the self-service wine machine.
Planning a holiday or business trip for a birthday or a trade show is a luxury today. A luxury that can be expensive for people who are involved with an establishment that is less provident than we are about how to pay for the stay.

Booking a stay, but with what risks?

Confinement is an uncertain period and yet it will end one day soon for the greatest happiness of the clients and the B55 teams who absolutely want to live your happiness with you, again. Soon the weather will be favourable for tourist outings: everyone knows that. Paris will always be Paris and you will come back to see us with even more joy than before.
But we have a moral duty towards you: it is to adapt and to plan for the post-confinement, the return of spring and then summer days in the euphoria of friendly, loving, family, artistic and professional encounters. Stays without anxiety, full of simple joys such as “Hello”.

Hotel B55, a 4-star hotel in Paris offers free cancellations

How can you commit to the future without knowing the government’s decisions? They take into account forecasting factors whose duration is totally unknown. Even if China does provide us with some information on events that are taking place over the weeks with the end of containment. But being sure that you can cancel in the event of misfortune is as important to you as it is to us.
So we say, we need to reassure our guests. And that’s why the 4-star hotel B55 offers you to book your stays with us and to be able to cancel them free of charge up to 24 hours before your arrival.

Cancellation of the non-refundable rate

We have also decided to abolish our non-refundable rate (known as NR) and let you pay at the hotel at the end of your stay. Thus all the unknowns concerning the methods of refunding, cancellation deadlines, fees, are lifted.
You can book with peace of mind, organize your stay with us, imagine the happiness of being with family or friends in front of the Louvre pyramid or on a bateau-mouche. Nothing prevents you from dreaming of better days and planning them without financial risks.