How to find a family hotel room in Paris

May 29th, 2019

Discover our hotel and its family rooms in Paris and come enjoy all the leisure with the people you love most.

The family activities in the french capital

Boys and girls never come out disappointed! First of all, we are referring to Disneyland theme parks and Parc Astérix, places that are fully dedicated to entertainment that do everything possible to make the public live enjoyable experiences. Then there is the Menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes and the zoos in which it is very pleasant to contemplate species coming from the 4 corners of the world. You can also put your suitcases in our hotel with family rooms in Paris and indulge in enriching cultural activities. One thinks in particular of the visit of the City of sciences and the industry where the children have the opportunity to learn while playing.

The services of our hotel with spacious family rooms

Space for the whole family

We strive to offer the best possible experience to all those staying at Hotel B55. In fact, every common or private part of our establishment is up to the expectations of travelers, and family rooms are no exception to the rule. Equipped with a double bed and two single beds, they are spacious enough (30 m2) to satisfy you. If coffee lovers can enjoy an espresso when they want, the most music lovers will not hesitate to pair the Bluetooth speaker available to them. There is also what is not visible at first, namely a bed of excellent quality that guarantees truly relaxing nights.

The services of the hotel and its advantageous situation

All the ingredients are there for you to feel as comfortable as in our rooms with maximum comfort. Whatever your culinary preferences and those of your children, breakfast will always be a pleasant moment for each of you. Add to this all the services we provide including the loan of touch pads for the most techies of our customers. In addition, the location of our establishment gives the opportunity to our occupants to easily reach any destination in the capital. What about extramural activities? With the nearby RER station, it is also child’s play to rally with the South and North-East of the Ville Lumière.