Find a hotel for the agriculture show!

January 31st, 2019

In Paris, the Salon de l’Agriculture is one of the major public events in this first quarter. Discover its main features and immerse yourself in a cozy nest by reserving a room at the B55, the perfect hotel for the agricultural show.

The International Agricultural Show

A new edition more focused on the human

This year, the International Agricultural Show is being held from February 23rd to March 3rd. It is the most important agricultural fair in the Hexagon and is intended for the general public. This event attracts about 650,000 visitors and focuses on the human more than usual. The theme “Women, men, talent” will punctuate the event. We will be able to discover all kinds of producers using their skills in food services for citizens. The program includes various activities including the milking parlor and the exhibition bridge. As a family, it is also very pleasant to participate in the exchange workshops of the educational farm.

All agricultural sectors represented

The Salon de l’Agriculture is based on 4 themes that cover all agricultural sectors of France and our overseas territories. First and foremost, there is the space dedicaced to plants, about the harvest and all its components. We then distinguish the stands dedicated to the breeding, with its rings of competition and its cow muse. In addition, the public explores a world of agricultural services and trades, where the main leaders and influencers of the agricultural world exchange views. The last sector is heavily devoted to the products of our regions, it stirs the greed of gourmets and is often the subject of reports in the news, especially when a political figure goes there to taste flavors terroir.

The B55, hotel for the agricultural fair

Because of its proximity to the event and because f its environment and its location, the B55 is the perfect hotel for the agricultural fair. Its residents enjoy the calm offered by the district of the Butte aux Cailles and they have the opportunity to breathe in the park Montsouris located closeby. Whatever room you choose to check in, you will feel completely at ease. At the end of a day visiting the Porte de Versailles, you will also enjoy spending time in our SPA. A little time to waste before going out or going back to your room? Settle into our comfortable lounge area and enjoy a glass of wine!