Find a nice hotel with swimming pool in Paris

August 28th, 2018

Summer is coming to its end, and you had a great time in Paris. You would like to come back next year, but you hesitate with a more “summerly” destination. A hotel by the beach with swimming pool for example … Do not hesitate any more! Between our beautiful hotel with swimming pool in Paris, Paris beach, and all the summer activities of the city, your destination for next summer is already chosen!

The B55, a hotel with a swimming pool in Paris

There are only a few hotels in Paris with swimming pool …

And yet, our beautiful B55 hotel offers a unique SPA with a swimming pool, bathed in natural light. Everything in the pool of the B55 inspires relaxation. It is a quiet and peaceful place that has a lot of light, thanks to a huge bay window. You can enjoy the sun in summer, or swim while watching the first winterly and cold snowflakes fall!

While paddling peacefully, you will be able to observe the weather outside, and plan your day according to it … Spa and swimming pool if the sky is gray. Shops, museums and markets if the sun is out!

It’s definitely a place you’ll never want to leave …

Your perfect stay in Paris, its cultural activity and its beaches

Do you like city breaks as much as stays at the sea? Why not combine the two in one of the most beautiful cities in the world bordered by beautiful beaches? Indeed, in summer, Paris is transformed into a seaside resort.

What a unique stay!

Full of life and activity, the capital is one of the most visited destinations in the world! And it’s not a surprise: among all the cultural activities it offers, its historical and architectural heritage, French cuisine, its small designer boutiques, its small markets, and finally its sunny beaches … There is something for everyone !

Indeed, if you are looking for a destination where you can enjoy the activity of a big city while bathing in the sun, Paris is an ideal destination.

Do not forget to try Paris Beach, the summer of the Ourcq Canal, or LaPlage deGlazart !

If you stay at our hotel with a swimming pool in Paris, you will have cocktails to sip on the water!