Find a hotel near the university campus in Paris

July 4th, 2019

Paris attracts many people. Among them, the foreign youth ! The City of Light makes it a success, especially in the south of the capital. There is indeed the international university city, a large and unique spot that can, and must be visited. Luckily for you, the B55 hotel stand nearby…

The university campus in figures

Built in the aftermath of the First World War, it has been the foothold of more than 200,000 students in 80 years.

No less than 12,000 students and researchers live at this address, in the 14th arrondissement, between the Porte de Gentilly and the Porte d’Orléans. The university campus is then home to 5,800 people ! Studious men and women of more than 140 nationalities.

Several famous people have put their bags in the past:
Aimé Césaire, Jean-Paul Sartre, Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba, American pianist Jay Gottlieb etc.

An eclectic architecture

If there was only one element to mention about the university campus, it would obviously be the architecture of these different pavilions. The first of Oxford inspiration is none other than the foundation Emile and Louise Deutsch de la Meurthe.

The Hellenic foundation is distinguished by its remarkable porch made of ionic columns. Visiting the site, you will also be interested in the house of Southeast Asia, where stand out a red and gold lounge and a carved dragon bas-relief.

The sport

A healthy mind in a healthy body. This universal adage corresponds perfectly to the values ​​that the Cité Universitaire, and its residents are the first beneficiaries! From football / rugby stadiums to dance halls and fitness centers to tennis courts: sports facilities could host the Olympics.

The university campus park

It is simply the 3rd park of Paris by its size and built heritage. This green lung is also frequented by many species of birds like the European Sparrowhawk, the Turtledove or the Collared Parakeet. Careful maintenance and the impressive plants that populate it (Tuliptree, giant sequoia …) make it a vast wooded area that deserves your attention during your stay in the capital.

You can explore this environment alone or be part of a group for a guided tours. These are paying and thematic. You can book it by sending an email at this adress : visites@ciup. (10€ for adults, 4€ for students).

The B55, our 4-star hotel close to the university campus in Paris

If you want to visit the U City of Paris, make a reservation at the B55 hotel ! Only a 5-minute walk away, it offers all the comfort of a 4-star hotel, its spa area as a bonus …