Find a hotel with pool in Paris

June 10th, 2019

Summer is coming, and you are staying in Paris during your Vacation ? Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, latin Quarter, and so on… But have you thought about the heat ? We strongly recommend you to find a hotel with pool in Paris for your holidays ! And we do know one with access to the swimming pool included in the room rate…

The B55, 4-star hotel with swimming heated pool in Paris

Located near the soothing Parc Montsouris, our hotel offers maximum comfort. Thanks to its soundproof rooms and its well-being area reserved for its customers, it is very quiet ! The indoor pool is accessible from 11am and in the evening. It combines with a spa including a sauna, where you can relax after swimming some length in our heated pool.

In addition, we have a very friendly staff very happy to help you with anything. If you are in favor of the slightest effort during your stay in the french capital, know that we’ll help you organize your trips through our concierge service. All considered, our luxurious hotel spa B55 Paris 13th is the perfect place to pamper yourself for a weekend or an extended stay!

Difficult to relax in a local municipal swimming pool

There are a lot of swimming pool in Paris. But sadly a lot are often closed for renovation, with the Olympic Games coming soon. Those open are mostly too far from the center of the capital, and the rest are crowded as soon as the sun comes out. It is not good to chain a few lengths in a pool in Paris !

For example, one at the Butte aux Cailles revealed last summer having distributed 1,600 admissions in a single day!

What about Paris Plage and other bathing areas? Same story! When the temperatures rise to the thermometer, the spaces accessible during the summer season (Bassin de la Villette, Nautical Base, Marina …) are quickly taken by storm, too fast. And the quality of the water feels like the pleasure of wading with many other tourists and residents of the City of Light.

On the contrary, the heated swimming pool of the B55 hotel Paris 13th is only reserved for the customers, so you do not have worry about the crowd anymore !

Benefits of the pool

The swimming that we can practice in a pool presents innumerable virtues. Some of which you do not even begin to suspect ! In the first place, this activity is beneficial on the mental plane, the tensions are released thanks to the state of weightlessness which the water provides. An hour in our pool and you will really begin to relax in Paris!

Then, this kind of effort does not cause any impact on the joints, and is thus suitable for a very wide audience. Moreover, the different forms of swimming do not solicit the same muscles. To work abdominals, pecs or biceps is the breaststroke, you can choose!

The crawl allows to tone all the muscles while backstroke mobilizes especially those back.

And we can also mention that it is very benefic for the blood pressure !

Everyone, let’s swim in the B55 hotel pool this summer !