How to enjoy Paris under the sun? La petite ceinture

March 25th, 2019

The City of Light overflows with original and exotic parks and green spaces. The most “post apocalyptic” of all is of course la Petite Ceinture (Little Belt), the old railway line of the city of Paris. To enjoy Paris when the weather is nice near the hotel B55, go explore this green flow in which nature has taken back its rights! !

The Petite Ceinture

The Petite Ceinture of Paris designates a double circular and disused railway track, built between 1852 and 1869. Closed because of the growing competition with the metro, it was originally set up for three distinct reasons. First, it met a technical and commercial need due to the growth of the characteristic exchanges of the industrial society. It should thus serve areas in full evolution. It was used for everything: passenger transport and goods transport … Then, the small belt was a logistical support in case of siege, in addition to the new fortifications of the time. To finish, it was one of the national projects aiming at fighting unemployment.

The different places to discover

Let’s start with the portion in the 13th arrondissement, where the hotel B55 is located. It stands between the gardens Charles-Trenet and Moulin-de-la-Pointe and remains open from 8 am to 6 pm. Atypical points of view are offered to walkers, and it’s an ideal relaxation area for parents with children. To enjoy Paris when the weather is nice, you should stop at this place!

Then there is another section in the 15th arrondissement of the capital. The part of the old railway line that joins the Georges Brassens Park from André-Citroën Park. More than 220 species of plants and animals colonize this space which has the advantage of being served by 6 access including the staircase of the old station Vaugirard-Ceinture. The sun is coming out and you would like to relax in another corner? The nature trail of the 12th arrondissement has enough arguments to convince you! It completes the “Promenade plantée” and allows visitors to escape in a bucolic setting that is difficult to leave. Do not forget to try the long segment that separates La Muette from the Porte d’Auteuil. It is punctuated by “natural stages” that present the biodiversity that has taken over the place.

The underground Petite Ceinture

If nature has now regained its rights over a large part of the old railway line, the city atmosphere still resonates in various sectors of the Petite Ceinture, including the 20th arrondissement. A green setting in which we can also see the works of the 1,001 colors of the graffiti artists. More or less sophisticated, more or less in harmony with the used infrastructure of the old line, they give an undeniable character to the environment and give happiness to photographers and instagramers!