The B55, perfect hotel to taste caviar in Paris

June 21st, 2019

Hors d’oeuvre refined par excellence, caviar is associated with festive moments that we remember easily. Want to taste caviar in Paris? Book your stay in our 4-star hotel Paris 13th! Experience an out-of-the-ordinary taste experience with a great upscale caviar house.

The house Kaviari, ideal for gourmets …

A interesting visit

If ease pushes visitors to hurry in front of the most emblematic monuments, other unforgettable and unknown experiences are also within their reach. On our side, we try to value the activities likely to please our customers.
Just like a stop at the Kaviari factory! Located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, it was imagined by Karin Nebot and his team. They decided to create a space to introduce neophytes to caviar, an exceptional dish.
This is an opportunity to witness the painstaking work of salmon slicers. The discovery of the places also makes it possible to learn about the fishing sites of the various sturgeons, about the local producers, and to apprehend the ripening methods.

A breakfast with luxurious caviar

Are organized in the laboratory workshops where you can enjoy tasty caviars accompanied by glasses of champagne. The manufacture wants to be friendly and open to the greatest number. Therefore, it is the scene of private meals between colleagues or friends and lunches of chefs. Caviar friends, fresh products and gastronomic flavors, this place is for you!
It’s a great opportunity to have fun. Come and taste the dishes embellished with black gold, concocted by these maestros of cooking in France.
Add to all this the opportunity to shop there. You can even begin to discover the specialties and aromas of these caviars upon your return to our establishment!

A stay in our hotel and family rooms in Paris

A wine-themed hotel in Paris

Ahhh, Paris, capital of luxury and France, french cancan … And good food! Paris is indeed frequently associated with gastronomy. It is therefore natural that we invite you to discover the caviar! It is a dish that changes the size and brings flavor to any meal.
Come and put your bags in hotel B55. Our establishment, whose decoration is inspired by the theme of wine, is ideal for gourmands. This is the perfect setting when you want to appreciate the variety of notes, aromas and subtlety of boxes bought at Kaviari.
By the way, caviar goes well with Champagne, Riesling or Muscadet. Our hotel puts at your disposal the Nespresso wine: the D-vine. It allows you to serve a great vintage self-service. And therefore to accompany your caviar as it should be …
You will not be insensitive to the level of our services, our rooms with terrace. Without forgetting our SPA with sauna and swimming pool, exclusively reserved for our occupants.