When to visit Paris? At what time of the year?

June 15th, 2020

When to visit Paris? All year round, we will answer you. But, depending on what you like to do, see, wear… The B55 gives you the major differences that the seasons play on Paris.

Visit Paris in spring

How do you notice the arrival of spring in the capital? Here more than anywhere else, lovers frequent the public benches under the tenderness of new foliage gilded with the fine gold of the sun’s rays.
Parisians and tourists enjoy the beauty of the City of Lights in the sun, admiring the glowing reflections of the world’s most famous monuments from the banks of the Seine, in the waters of fountains and ornamental lakes in parks that have become meeting places again. All the spaces intended for conviviality, café terraces, squares and markets are occupied from the morning.

A unique opportunity for entertainment

Hundreds of thousands of people run to the Paris Fair and its Lépine competition. The Fair of the Throne unfolds its splendours on the lawn of Reuilly.
Art Paris at the Grand Palais is getting ready, just as the Louvre, D’Orsay, Cité des Sciences and Geode Museums open their doors to reunions with friends.
Without forgetting, for accomplished sportsmen and women, sports competitions of all kinds (pétanque, kite flying, cycling…). But the highlight for joggers is the crossing of Paris during the Marathon which brings together runners from all over the world.

Visit Paris in summer

Two summers ago in Paris. The one that welcomes tourists and Parisians and the month of August during which Paris, emptied of its inhabitants in summer migration, is left to the sole curiosity of visitors. Virtually empty streets, monuments more accessible, restaurants less crowded, this is the Paris that you should prefer if you can.
Warmth and sunshine allow you to stroll without superfluous clothes in the hundreds of parks and gardens, the zoos, on board the bateau-mouches or in a barge on the Saint Martin canal. The luxury boutiques of the Faubourg Saint Honoré and the department stores on Boulevard Haussmann are just waiting for you!

Parisian festivals in summer

There’s something for everyone, from the Peacock sociéty festival where electro music is in the spotlight, to the Rock en Scène festival, the Fnac Live festival and the Lollapalooza.
However, if you prefer to stay away from major musical gatherings out of obligation or choice, the Champs-Élysées hosts the National Day parade for an air and ground show provided by the French army.
Versailles and its great waters, the Tour Montparnasse open on the night of the stars, Paris Plage, the arrival of the Tour de France cycling race are not lacking in attractions for the neophytes.

Visit Paris in autumn

Dead leaves are picked up with a shovel… The theatre season presents its novelties, museums renovate their permanent collections and temporary exhibitions compete with imagination. Choose free visiting days, some Sundays. Finally, enjoy the hectic rhythm of the autumn festival held on all the forecourts of the major museums in Paris, at La Villette or at the Bastille Theatre. In general, there are dozens of places that welcome those who are crazy about harmonies and wind or string instruments.

Visit Paris in winter

The frosts announce the snow, but also the coming of the man in red: Santa Claus. Then will come the New Year and its countdown to the seconds on the Field of Mars or on the pediment of the Arc de Triomphe.
Paris welcomes you to the sound of Christmas carols, in the light of hundreds of garlands. Paris decorates the windows of department stores, Lafayette or Printemps Haussmann. Young and old alike will be amazed.
And why fear the cold? Museums, restaurants, concert halls and concert halls will warm your heart and soul. It may be cold, but it is always sunny in Paris in winter.

So when to visit Paris?
All year round, of course!