Your hotel for Paris Air Show at Le Bourget

April 15th, 2019

Would you like to book a hotel for the Paris Air Show in June? The B55 hotel presents you the highlights of this edition, which will begin on June 17

The International Paris Air Show – Le Bourget

The Paris Air Show will be held from June 17th to 23th, 2019. This is the 53rd edition, once again organized at the Parc des Expositions of le Bourget.

A week of fair for professionals, a weekend for the general public

If the first 4 days are only dedicated to professionals in the global aviation industry, the general public has access to this fair from Friday until Sunday 6pm, closing time tof the SIAE. Visitors have the opportunity to contemplate various types of aircraft. Also, on the program, there are flight presentations, big time of the event. In addition to the impressive big carriers of Boeing and Airbus and the fascinating Rafale, we can admire the feats and demonstrations of the members of the Patrouille de France, specialized in aerobatics with its recognizable Alpha Jet among a thousand.

The discovery of professions and the French aeronautical heritage

The weekend is dedicated to air and space. This event attracts many families every year! Among them, you can find future mechanics, draughtsmen, design engineers and line pilots. Whether or not they want one or more trades in this sector, they have the opportunity to discover the positions that they would be able to exercise. One distinguishes a space demonstration, by professionals who know how to highlight their missions. It is also a meeting place where institutions show their training, and where companies try to recruit some of their new employees. In addition, your visit to the show is an opportunity to visit the Museum of Aeronautics and Space. Many collections are on display, some of which are devoted to the very first airplanes.

The hotel for Paris Air Show south of Paris

Our 4-star hotel aims to welcome all visitors to the SIAE. Its comfortable and luxurious facilities will help you to recharge your batteries after a day at Le Bourget. On the other hand, our hotel for the Paris Air Show benefits from calm and adequate facilities: broadband internet connection, Wifi and provision of tablets. Professionals visiting the show will benefit from the best arrangements to stay in Paris. All these visitors can reach the place of the event by taking the line Rer B, straight to Bourget.

Enjoy the Paris Air show!